Zeutschel Zeta DIN A3 Book Scanners



The Library provides 6 Zeutschel Zeta colour book scanners for the use of patrons.

Unlike photocopiers, these overhead scanners do not damage old or fragile books and journals. Scans can be saved on USB drives in PDF (standard), TIFF or JPG format.

The book scanners are located in the Main Library reading rooms (1st floor to 5th floor) and in the Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering Library (textbook collection, 2nd floor).


You may use a scanner to copy for non-commercial research or private study under certain limited conditions. You should only scan for your own private use and you may not make your scanned copy available to other people (for example, by including it in a PowerPoint presentation or on a web site). You should not alter anything that you have scanned in any way.

Zeutschel Zeta Book Scanner Specifications:

Description: overhead copy system for
books, newspapers and
documents (certificates, drawings, maps)
Original formats: 480 x 360 mm (> DIN A3)
Maximum resolution: 300dpi (up to DIN A3)
Software: Touch panel with multi-touch technology