Borrowing, Renewing and Returning Items - General information

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Once you have selected your books, bring them to the circulation desk of the Main Library or subject libraries during opening hours, or use the Main Library's self-issue terminals on the ground floor.

The Main Library's circulation desk is located on the ground floor.

What do I need to borrow a book or other item?

How do I borrow an item?

Books from the Main Library's open access areas can be taken directly from the shelves and borrowed by using the the self-issue terminal on the ground floor. You can also check the item out by taking it and your Library card to the Circulation desk and having our staff check it out for you.

DVDs and CD-ROMs and other items from the closed stacks have to be collected at the circulation desk.

Hold Requests

If an item has been borrowed by another patron, you may place a hold request in CatalogPlus (click on "Request" in the items list.) > more

Stack Requests

Items from the closed stacks have to be requested using the online catalogue or, if they are not in the catalogue, by filling in a form at the Main Library's stack requests desk (Bestellschalter) on the first floor. > more

How long do I get the items for?

Most items can be borrowed for 4 weeks. The loan can be renewed, unless another user has requested the item, or the item is overdue, or the maximum loan period of 6 months has expired.

Some items can only be borrowed for shorter periods of time.

Journals from the open access areas can be borrowed for up to 1 hour.

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As long as the item has not been requested by another user, you can renew loans yourself by using the "My Account" option of the online catalogue. The loan period can be extended up to a maximum of 6 months. > more about your online library account

Items that have been requested by another patron and overdue items cannot be renewed.

If your book is overdue, we may still accept phone and email renewals (, although you will have to pay outstanding fines before borrowing any more books.

Return dates

A receipt giving the details of the date that a loan is due back will be issued when the item is borrowed. Please keep your receipt in a safe place. You can also check when your items are due back by checking "My Account" in CatalogPlus. > more

Please make sure to return borrowed items to the library branch or institute where you borrowed them - e.g. the Main Library, the Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering Library, the Urban Design Library or an institute of TU Wien.


Books borrowed must be returned on or before the date to which they are issued. Fines will be payable for the late return of books. Readers with overdue books or accumulated fines will not be allowed to borrow further whilst these are outstanding. > more

Replacement costs

If an item you have on loan is lost, stolen or damaged we will charge you for a replacement.