General Library FAQ

What are the opening hours?

Library opening hours, of the Main Library and the Department Libraries, are available here.

How can I contact the Library?

The circulation desk can be contacted on Tel: +43-1-58801-44061 and the information desk on Tel: +43-1-58801-44001.

Contact information for specific Library Departments, including e-mail addresses, is given here.

Who may use the library?

TU Wien Bibliothek is a public library open to university staff, students and members of the public (above 14 years of age). The Library rules and regulations apply.

Do I need a Library card to use the library?

You do not need a Library card to read books, journals, reference works etc. in the open access areas.

A Library card (or library barcode) is required if you want to borrow books or other items.

For reading items from the closed stacks in the open access areas, you need a valid identification card (passport, driving licence, student ID card etc.).

> more questions on borrowing, returning and requesting items, and library cards


How do I find material in the Library?

Use the Library catalogues. Check the online catalogue first if you are looking for a book, or a journal title or electronic resources licensed by the Library. For a complete literature search on a given topic, you might also need to search the databases.

Our staff at the information desk and at the department libraries will help you with any questions.


Can I obtain items that are not held by the Library?

Yes, you can obtain material not held by this Library, through the Inter-Library Loans & Digitisation service. More information about this service is given on the Inter-Library Loans web page.

If you think the library should have a book or other item in its stock, please inform us using our purchase suggestions form. The Library welcomes purchase suggestions and will acquire the item if possible.


Was your question answered?

If not, please get in touch through our feedback form or ask our staff at the Library's Information Desk, or send us an email: