Digital Library FAQ (E-Journals, E-Books, Databases)

Where can I use the Library's electronic resources?

The Library's online resources can be accessed via the internet from any pc on the TU campus, that is all pcs at institutes or other locations of TU Wien, including (IT Solutions) computer rooms, and all laptops logged into TU Wien's WLAN.

If you are a TU staff member or student, you can also access electronic resources off campus using VPN.

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Do I need a password to use electronic resources?

All databases and e-books and nearly all e-journals licensed by the Library can be accessed with a web browser, without a password, on the TU Wien campus. If a password is required for downloading a full text, this usually means that the resource is not licensed by the Library and the full text cannot be accessed.

Is it possible to use the electronic resources (e-journals, e-books, databases, standards) from home?

Yes, you can access electronic resources off campus, if you are a staff member or student of TU Wien:

1.) Students and staff of TU Wien can access digital resources off campus via Web VPN. For students, their online student account is their VPN account. Staff members have a VPN account (, TISS password).
> Web VPN

2.) Proxy servers must be deactivated in your internet browser!

An ejournal is found in CatalogPlus or has the yellow traffic light symbol in the Electronic Journals Library, but I have no access. Why is this?

The Library's suscription may have expired a short time previously, or the publisher has deactivated access due to technical problems.
Please contact our periodicals and electronic media department:


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