Online Catalogue FAQ

I'm trying to log in with my library barcode, but I get an error message. What am I doing wrong?

login error message

If you are a TU student or TU staff member: From 31.08.2016, login to the library catalogue is with your name or your matriculation number. Instead of entering the library barcode and former library password, please use your TU account!

If you are not a TU student or TU staff member: Non-TU library patrons still use the library barcode and library password for login. However, you need to klick the link for "Externe Bibliotheksbenutzer" (Non-TU library patrons) below the TU login fields, to go to your login form Login link for non-TU library patrons

I don't know my library password. What do I do?

If you have forgotten your TU password:

TU students: A new password can be obtained in the Service Center of the ("Freihaus", 2nd floor, yellow area). Please bring your student ID.

TU staff members: Please contact the address manager of your institute.
> More about your TU Password

Non-TU library patrons: Contact the circulation desk: Library staff will send you a new password.

Email our library team

How do I change my library password

What kind of browser should I use for searching the online catalogue?

You need Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3 or newer browser versions to use CatalogPlus.

I have found a book on the online catalogue. Where do I see where this book is, and if I can borrow it?

In the search results, there is a "Locations/Get It" tab if there are pysical items.

The "View It" tab contains links to electronic versions.

You need to be signed in to see all informations on physical items.

The holdings line(s) in the Locations/Get It tab will tell you where the item is.

  • Location: the location line shows you the place within the library, or institute, where you will find the item, e.g. Open Shelves / Books (3.Floor) , Closed stacks, a research group of an institute, etc., and the call number.
  • Availability: here the number of items is given, how many of them are currently available, and if there are any requests pending.
  • Holdings: information on which volumes of a journal are held at the location.
  • Location information: Click "View location information" on more details on how and where to get the item.

By clicking on the location link to the left in the Locations/Get It tab, you can display details of the individual items at a location.

  • Policy - here you can see whether an item can be borrowed, e.g. 4 week loan, Not loanable etc.
  • Description - This column shows a journal item's volume or issue number; shelfmarks of the TU institutes are also displayed here.
  • Status - If this column shows "On loan until" and a date, the item is currently on loan. If a book is on loan, this column also shows whether hold requests have already been placed by other users.

Requesting items:

Use the Sign in for more options link at the top of the Locations/Get It tab to sign in and see your request options for this item.

Request - click this link to request books from the closed stacks, or to place a hold request on items that are on loan.
Note that open access items cannot be requested online while they are in place. They can only be requested when they are out on loan.


The book I want is on "Open Shelves". Can I request it?

No - books on "open shelves" are in the open access areas of the Library. You cannot request them (unless they are out on loan). You go directly to the shelf, take out the book and read it, or take it to the ground floor for borrowing.

The item's location line will tell you which subject group it belongs to. The "View location information" link will contain a map of the library floor with the open access shelves, e.g. of the 3.Floor of the Main Library.


What should I do if I can't find a book that should be on a shelf in the open access area?

1. The online catalogue (CatalogPlus) will tell you if the item has been borrowed (Check the Status column in the "Locations/Get It" tab - if this column shows a date, the item is currently on loan.)

2. If it's not on loan and not where it should be on the shelves, it might be in the re-shelving section or being consulted. 

3. If you still can't find it on the following day, ask at the information desk.


Are all of the Library's books in the online catalogue?

No. All books and journals in the open access areas, and a large number of items in the closed stocks and at the institutes of TU Wien, are in the online catalogue.

In addition, the Library holds a large number of electronic resources, including full texts of books and journals, and full texts in databases. Not all of these are recorded in the online catalogue.

For resources not in the online catalogue, e.g. DIN standards or ÖNORM standards, please use the databases.


Are ÖNORM and DIN standards in the online catalogue?

No, the individual standards are not in the online catalogue. To search for these standards, please use the Perinorm (e-researchCenter) database (DIN standards) or the Austrian Standards plus Lese:saal platform (Austrian standards). These standards are available on the TU campus. Please keep in mind that Austrian law forbids copying and reproducing Austrian standards (cf. Normengesetz 1971 §§ 7 and 8 (1)).


How do I renew my borrowed books?

See Borrowing FAQs for questions and answers on borrowing, returning, or requesting items


Is it possible to request a book that is "In Process"?

Yes, you can request a book that is "in process". When the online catalogue displays the status of an item as being 'in process' it means that the item has been received by the Library and is currently being processed ready for shelving. You can complete a reservation card at the information desk, and we will let you know as soon as the item is available (usually 1 - 2 working days).


Was your question answered?

If not, please mail for questions concerning CatalogPlus, or get in touch through our feedback form, ask our staff at the Library's Information Desk, or send us an email: