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SciPost - TU Wien supports alternative physics publishing platform

SciPost offers a publication portal for scientists to share their latest research freely.

Prof. Schmiedmayer of TU Wien Atomic and Subatomic Physics (Atominstitut) is a member of the SciPost advisory board. He is convinced that scientists should take possession of their intellectual property. One consequence is for scientists to take publishing into their own hands and not let other institutions make enormous profit from disseminating their intellectual property. These ideas led to the creation of SciPost, a top level journal by scientists for scientists.

SciPost is an Open Access publication platform that is free of charge for readers and authors, and is based on an international cost-sharing model of leading institutions. Its mission is to transform scientific publishing by providing a genuine Open Access alternative to the current academic publishing system.

The FWF and ten Austrian research institutes, including the TU Wien, support the SciPost platform within the framework of the "Austrian Academic Library Consortium" (KEMÖ) cooperative.

Publications are submitted on The submitted manuscripts, the peer review reports and the replies are publicly accessible on the SciPost platform (open peer review). The SciPost journals SciPost Physics, SciPost Physics Proceedings, and SciPost Physics Lecture Notes cover all areas of physics, and publishing in these top level journals will replace publication in a traditional journal.

For more information on the Library's open access publishing support see:



Christmas & New Year Vacation Opening Hours

The Main Library, the Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering Library and the Urban Design Library are closed from 24 December 2018 until 01 January 2019.

Main Library:
From 02 January 2019, normal term-time opening hours apply in the Main Library.
On 06 January 2019 (public holiday) the Library is closed.

Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering Library: On 21. December 2018, and from 02 January 2019 - 04 January 2019, the library is open from 09:00 - 14:00.

Urban Design Library: closed from 24 December 2018 - 04 January 2019 


Happy holidays!



"Trust in Robots" lecture series: invitation

Join the interdisciplinary lecture series "Trust in Robots" and take part in an exciting journey to the robotic future.

Lectures start on 06.12.2018. The lectures are public and free of charge. 

TU Wien Bibliothek is partner in the related doctoral college "Trust Robots".

Venue: Library lecture room, 1040 Wien, Resselgasse 4, 5. floor
Language: English

> Lecture programme (PDF)

> More on the "Trust Robots" doctoral college


Open Access in the field of engineering: Survey

The project OpenIng studies scientific publication behaviour in the field of engineering in the German-speaking countries. Particular emphasis is on the legal, organisational, reputational, and financial barriers to open-access publishing and the development of open educational resources.

Findings of the project will help to develop new (technical) support services and communication strategies. 

Scientists in engineering (mechanical engineering and production technology, process engineering, materials science and material engineering, information science, system engineering and electrical engineering as well as civil engineering/architecture are invited to take part in the survey before December 31, 2018. 

The survey takes around 10 minutes to complete. On the survey's welcome page, you can change the survey language to English.

To the survey:

About the OpenIng project:



Open access to knowledge: TU Wien signs Berlin Declaration

The Berlin Declaration

The "Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities" was published in October 2003 by 19 international research institutions and universities, and has been signed by more than 600 institutions.

This international statement promotes free access to, and relaxed copyright restrictions on the reuse of, scientific information ("open access"), and is one of the cornerstones of the open access movement.

> Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities

TU Wien signs Berlin Declaration

The TU Wien, represented by rector Sabine Seidler, signed the Berlin Declaration on April 26, 2018.

By joining the signatories, the TU Wien is demonstrating its support of the open access paradigm and the idea of widespread dissemination of, and free access to, scientific research results.

Services supporting TU Wien researchers

To support TU Wien researchers in publishing their scientific output according to the open access model, the TU Wien Library has been establishing services such as the publication fund over the last years.

For more information on these services, please refer to:


New agreement with Wiley

A new agreement the Library has concluded with the major publishing house Wiley has considerably expanded access to Wiley full texts from 73 journals to circa 1500 journals titles.

You now have access on the TU Wien campus to all journals on the Wiley Online Library back to 1997.

Publish your scientific articles open access in Wiley journals - free of charge

Since the beginning of this year, TU Wien authors also have a new "OpenOnline" option, allowing you to publish your scientific articles worldwide free of charge in subscription-based Wiley journals.

These articles are accessible freely online to a worldwide readership on the Wiley Online Library and in scientific databases. This option is available for all manuscripts accepted for publication in Wiley subscription-based journals since the beginning of the year in the publication categories "primary research" or "review articles".

This OpenOnline option can be selected by corresponding authors of an article during the submission process of your article (for a detailed workflow see the Wiley Author Landing Page).

Publication fund still relevant for Wiley publications

In addition to this OpenOnline option for subscription-based journals, Wiley also publishes a number of open access journals. If you are planning to publish in one of these Wiley open acces journals, or other publishers' open access journals, the article processing charge can be covered as before by the publication fund.

For additional information and contacts for advice on the publication fund and on open access publishing, please refer to:

> Wiley Online Library 


Library opens at 8:00am

More time for your studies: From Monday, February 26, 2018, the main library's study and open access areas will be open for all users from 8:00am onwards.

During term time, the extended opening hours will allow you to access the library from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 22:00pm.

As customary, our staff at the circulation desk (loans and returns, ground floor) and from information services (1st floor) are available from 9:00am to 19:00pm.

By continuously aiming to extend its opening hours, the library is reacting to an important need of TU Wien’s students – to have access to reading and studying places as long as possible.

> Full information about our opening hours (weekends, public holidays, semester breaks, etc.)


New charges for late returns

From February 01, 2018,  the library is applying new charges for the late return of borrowed items as specified in the new Scale of Fees document.

The new fines are: € 4.00 per overdue reminder per overdue item. Reminders are sent when items are overdue by 14 days, 28 days and 32 days.

To avoid fines, please take care to return your borrowed books or other items in time, or renew the loan on the online catalogue or by telephone (+43-1-58801-44061).

> Details


Please respect our terms of use!

We should like to remind our patrons that access to and use of the Library's subscription-based electronic resources (databases, electronic journals, and other electronic material) are subject to contractual agreements and licences with vendors, which impose restrictions on use.

All users of these resources must comply with our terms of use, and in particular with copyright restrictions and limitations placed on the amounts that may be downloaded or stored electronically. The commercial use of licensed electronic resources is also a breach of these rules.

> Terms of use of electronic resources


Fair use of study desks in the library

The Library's 700 study desks are in high demand. For this reason, it is not permitted to reserve seats and tables for unreasonable amounts of time. Unfortunately some of our users have been ignoring this rule.

Therefore, the library has now introduced "parking meters" for the study areas. Library patrons leaving their desks set the time of leaving on the meter. The desk is reserved for the following 30 minutes. After that (or if there is no parking meter on a desk) patrons looking for a free desk may put aside any books or papers left on the desk and use it.

If there is no parking meter on your desk, you can get one at the information desk or the circulation desk.



Birkhauser "Basics Online": New architecture ebooks

The complete Birkhauser "Basics" textbook series, at present comprising 32 titles, are now available online on the TU campus.

About Birkhauser "Basics Online": "Basics Online" are German-language textbooks covering the most important areas of architectural studies, such as design, architectural rendering, construction, building services,  professional practice, landscape architecture and urban design.

50 additional titles and 2 new subject areas (building materials, building history) are to follow.

> Birkhäuser Basics Online titles via the library catalogue



The institutional repository: reposiTUm

Since mid-2015 the university library offers an institutional repository called reposiTUm to archive open access publications. Already more then 900 documents were made freely available worldwide. 

ReposiTUm offers access to

  • TU Wien theses
  • Open Access Journals of TU Wien
    • The Public Sector
    • Journal for Facility Management (coming soon)
    • Geowissenschaftliche Mitteilungen
    • Recent notes on labor science and organization
  • Articles in serial works
    • Published gold open access  (immediately freely accessible)
    • Published green open access (by means of secondary publication rights)

The publications were uploaded by the authors as well as the university library staff. Try it yourself at

 An information as part of the 

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