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"Trust in Robots" lecture series: new lecture

The interdisciplinary lecture series "Trust in Robots" returns for the winter term 2019/2020.

Our special guest Ass. Professor Jessica Lindblom will talk about "Evaluation of Human-Robot Interaction from a Human-centered Approach."

The lecture will take place on 10 October 2019, 16:15. It is public and free of charge. 

TU Wien Bibliothek is a partner in the related doctoral college "Trust Robots". 

Venue: Library lecture room, 1040 Wien, Resselgasse 4, 5th floor
Date/time: 10 October 2019, 16:15
Language: English


No coin for the lockers? No problem!

You can already use your TUCard or your library card to lock and unlock some of the lockers in the library.

Over the next weeks, all lockers will be converted to this electronic access system. 

What if I do not have a TUCard or a library card?

All secondary school pupils and all students and staff of Austrian universities are issued a TU Wien Bibliothek library card free of charge.

Please register for a library card if you want to use the library.

More information is to be found on our web page on joining the library. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our staff at the circulation desk.


Focus on FAIR - FAIR Data and the Eurpopean Open Science Cloud

The international workshop series "Focus on Open Science" will take place at Graz University of Technology this year and will foucs on FAIR data, that is, research data and metadata that are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable.

The organisers cordially invite you to attend the one-day workshop "Focus on FAIR - FAIR Data and the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)", hosted by Graz University of Technology on 07 November 2019.  

TU Wien Bibliothek is pleased to announce that TU Wien will be participating in the "Focus on Open Science" series again next year.

Date: 07 November 2019

Place: Aula, Graz University of Technology, Rechbauerstrasse 12, 8010 Graz, Austria

Programme and registration:

Registration is free but numbers are limited, so please register soon!



"Trust in Robots" lecture series: additional talk - July 01, 2019, 14:15

Last chance for this term to join the interdisciplinary lecture series "Trust in Robots." Our special guest Dr. Luke McEllin will talk about "Adaptation in Joint Action: Instrumental and Social Effects." 

The lecture will take place on July 01.2019, 14:14. It is public and free of charge. 

TU Wien Bibliothek is a partner in the related doctoral college "Trust Robots". 

Venue: Library lecture room, 1040 Wien, Resselgasse 4, 5th floor
Date/time: July 01, 2019, 14:15
Language: English 

> Lecture programme


Projekt Austrian Transition to Open Access (AT2OA)

TU Wien Bibliothek is a partner in the project "Austrian Transition to Open Access" (AT2OA) to support the transformation of scientific publications from Closed to Open Access.

The AT2OA project partners are examining questions concerning the promotion and financing of "open access" - a free access to scientific publications.

For example, subproject 1 resulted in a study, the transition study, assessing the additional funds needed for an expansion of Open Access at Austrian universities. This study lays the foundations for planning funding of open access to scientific knowledge in Austria. New project results are continuously being published on Zenodo.

TU Wien Bibliothek supports open access publishing at TU Wien, e.g. with the TU Wien publication fund and open access publishing options agreed by TU Wien Bibliothek with publishers. For more information, refer to:


Plan S – Open Access initiative presents final plan

From 2021, free access to publicly funded research results will be required by research funders. FWF and ERC are two prominent supporters of cOAlitionS.

Plan S

Launched in November 2018, Plan S was launched as an initiative to make full and immediate Open Access to research publications a reality. Feedback ws gathered from universitites and research institutions around the world, including TU Wien. More than 600 responses were considered, and the revised final version of Plan S was published at the end of May 2019. Funders are now implementing the guidelines.

The FWF has already informed that Plan S will apply to all research projects submitted after January 01, 2021.

There are 3 ways to fulfil the Open Access requirement:

  • Publication in an open access journal (Gold Open Access)
  • Archiving of the publication in an open access repository without embargo periods, with authors retaining their copyright (Green Open Access)
  • the research institutions and/or funding organisations have concluded a transformative agreement with the publishers that allows open access publication by the authors

Support by TU Wien Bibliothek

TU Wien Bibliothek has already concluded a large number of agreements with publishers and set up an institutional repository, ReposiTUm. For more in formation on open access publishing support by TU Wien Bibliothek, refer to:

cOAlition S

> Plan S
> cOAlition S
> FWF Information on Plan S
> ReposiTUm
> Open Access publishing support at TU Wien


Austrian Standards Platform - new login from June 2019

The Austrian Standards platform "effects 2.0", offering standards in PDF format, is now accessed via the TU Wien authentication portal, with your TISS user and password.

On the first login, users have to register with their name and email address and have to accept the terms and conditions.

Please note that access to "effects 2.0" is restricted to TU Wien staff and students.

> Log in to effects 2.0


"Arts, Design & Architecture": Trial access until June 21, 2019

The TU Wien Bibliothek has arranged a trial access to the ProQuest database "Arts, Design & Architecture" for all TU staff and students until June 21, 2019.

The "Arts, Design & Architecture" Collection includes ProQuest's specialist indexes ARTbibliographies Modern (covering modern and contemporary art), Design & Applied Arts Index (for all aspects of design and crafts), and International Bibliography of Art (covering scholarship on western art history), together with a complementary collection of current full-text journals from ProQuest's Arts & Humanities Database. 

  • ARTbibliographies Modern is the only specialist bibliography available for the study of modern and contemporary art from the late 19th century onwards. ARTbibliographies Modern provides deeper coverage of publications on modern artists and movements than any other index.

  • Design & Applied Arts Index is an international abstracting and indexing tool for research in the humanities. Design & Applied Arts Index provides researchers with abstracts and bibliographic records for articles, news items, and reviews published in design and applied arts periodicals from 1973 onwards.

  • International Bibliography of Art is recognized as the world's most comprehensive bibliography of scholarly writing about the history of western art. International Bibliography of Art consists of bibliographic citations, abstracts, and subject indexing drawn from the Getty’s thesaurus and authority files.

> Mehr Informationen über "Arts, Design & Architecture"

> Zur Datenbank "Arts, Design & Architecture"



"Energy & Power Source": Trial access until July 05, 2019

TU Wien Bibliothek has arranged a trial access to "Energy & Power Source" database for all TU staff and students until July 05, 2019.

"Energy & Power Source" is a full-text database of energy and power industry-related content. It provides top journals and magazines focused on petroleum, natural gas, electric power, coal, nuclear power and renewable energy. It also features benchmarks and best practices from top industry players worldwide.

Content includes nearly 400 full-text journals, cover-to-cover indexing for more than 930 publications and hundreds of full-text energy-focused industry and market research reports.

> More information on the database at EBSCO

> Go to "Energy & Power Source" database


Environment Complete: Trial access until July 05, 2019

TU Wien Bibliothek has arranged a trial access to "Environment Complete" database for all TU staff and students until July 05, 2019.

"Environment Complete" is a full-text database for environmental studies. It provides hundreds of environment journals and monographs covering agriculture, ecosystem ecology, energy, public policy, sustainability and other related subjects. It also includes millions of records and an environmental thesaurus. 

Content includes more than 1,200 full-text journals and monographs, more than 4.2 million records, indexing for more than 2,200 domestic and international journals dating back more than 100 years and nearly 180 full-text monographs.

> More information on the database at EBSCO 

> Go to "Environment Complete" database


"Art & Architecture Complete": Trial access until July 05, 2019

The TU Wien Bibliothek has arranged a trial access to the EBSCO database "Art & Architecture Complete" for all TU staff and students until July 05, 2019.

"Art & Architecture Complete" includes full-text coverage for more thn 360 periodicals dating back to 1937 and additional full-text for 220 books and bibliographical records from more than 790 journals, plus a collection of around 63000 images and illustrations.

Subjects include antiques, archaeology, architecture, conservation and restoration, costume design, decorative arts, graphic arts, interior and landscape design, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture. 

> More information on the database at EBSCO

> Go to "Art & Architecture Complete" database


OnArchitecture: Trial access until July 05, 2019

TU Wien Bibliothek has arranged a trial access to OnArchitecture database for all TU staff and students until July 05, 2019.

OnArchitecture is an online audiovisual service providing a synthetic, deep and detailed panorama of the world's main authors, works, experiences and problematics related to the field of architecture.

OnArchitecture is an online library of original architecture-related videos intended to support architectural and design education. The collection features video interviews with influential contemporary architects from around the world, who talk directly to the camera about their work, design processes, and the role of architects and architecture in contemporary society. These interviews are supplemented by video portraits of their key projects, both buildings and installations, which attempt to capture the physical experience of the spaces they portray. OnArchitecture provides focused and detailed high-quality content on contemporary architecture with a global perspective.

> More information on the database at EBSCO

> Go to OnArchitecture database


"Trust in Robots" lecture series: invitation

Join the interdisciplinary lecture series "Trust in Robots" and take part in an exciting journey to the robotic future.

Lectures continue from 05 March 2019. The lectures are public and free of charge. 

TU Wien Bibliothek is a partner in the related doctoral college "Trust Robots".

Venue: Library lecture room, 1040 Wien, Resselgasse 4, 5th floor
Language: English

> Lecture programme (PNG)

> More on the "Trust Robots" doctoral college


Workshops Publishing and Open Science

In the summer semester 2019, TU Wien Bibliothek is offering short workshops for researchers on the topic of "pubishing and open access".

All workshops take place in the Main Library lecture room, 1040 Wien, Resselgasse 4, 5. floor. Registration is possible up to two weeks before the workshop date.

Data management and research ethics (03 April 2019 | 09:00-12:00 | English language)

This workshop focusses on successful data management, for example by means of a data management plan: topics are the requirements of funding agencies, and tools and services at TU Wien.

Target audience: researchers

Registration: TU Wien staff members  |  Doctoral students not employed by TU Wien

Open-Access-Publizieren: Ein Überblick (06 May 2019 | 13:00-14:30 | German language)

This 90 minute workshop gives an overview of open access publishing, explaining the concepts of "green road" (secondary publication on an open access platform) and "golden road" (first publication as an open access publication). Other topics are services of TU Wien Bibliothek, such as counselling and financing, and infrastructures such as reposiTUm and advice on authors' contracts with publishers, as well as requirements of funding agencies.

Target group: Authors of scientific publications and interested members of TU Wien

Registration: TU Wien staff members  |  Doctoral students not employed by TU Wien

Kostenfreies Open-Access-Publizieren durch Selbstarchivierung (08 May 2019 | 14:00-15:00 | German language)

This 60 minute workshop presents the most important cornerstones of open access publishing, followed by a hands-on section where participants are given concrete examples of open access secondary publishing by means of self-archiving, and your questions are answered.

Target group: Authors of scientific publications

Registration: TU Wien staff members  |  Doctoral students not employed by TU Wien


Revised terms of use for TU Wien Bibliothek

Our library manages around 30,000 user accounts and is frequented by up to 4000 visitors daily in the main library. To provide the best possible conditions for our users, some regulations on our services and on using the library are in place. All regulations can be found here:

Bibliotheksordnung (Library Regulations, valid from 06.12.2018)
Benutzungsbestimmungen (Library Terms of Use, valid from 06.12.2018)
Gebührenordnung (Library Scale of Fees, valid from January 2018)

TU Wien Bibliothek tries to avoid having to charge our users overdue fines.

Therefore, one week ahead of the expiry of the standard loan period of four weeks, users receive a reminder to renew their loan or return the item.

Please do not forget to renew your loan or return the item before the loan period expires, as we will have to charge overdue fines once the item is overdue.

If your loans have become overdue, TU Wien Bibliothek will send you four overdue notices at € 4.- per notice per overdue item.

If you have any questions on the use of our services and on our terms of use, please do not hesitate to contact us:


SciPost - TU Wien supports alternative physics publishing platform

SciPost offers a publication portal for scientists to share their latest research freely.

Prof. Schmiedmayer of TU Wien Atomic and Subatomic Physics (Atominstitut) is a member of the SciPost advisory board. He is convinced that scientists should take possession of their intellectual property. One consequence is for scientists to take publishing into their own hands and not let other institutions make enormous profit from disseminating their intellectual property. These ideas led to the creation of SciPost, a top level journal by scientists for scientists.

SciPost is an Open Access publication platform that is free of charge for readers and authors, and is based on an international cost-sharing model of leading institutions. Its mission is to transform scientific publishing by providing a genuine Open Access alternative to the current academic publishing system.

The FWF and ten Austrian research institutes, including the TU Wien, support the SciPost platform within the framework of the "Austrian Academic Library Consortium" (KEMÖ) cooperative.

Publications are submitted on The submitted manuscripts, the peer review reports and the replies are publicly accessible on the SciPost platform (open peer review). The SciPost journals SciPost Physics, SciPost Physics Proceedings, and SciPost Physics Lecture Notes cover all areas of physics, and publishing in these top level journals will replace publication in a traditional journal.

For more information on the Library's open access publishing support see:



"Trust in Robots" lecture series: invitation

Join the interdisciplinary lecture series "Trust in Robots" and take part in an exciting journey to the robotic future.

Lectures start on 06.12.2018. The lectures are public and free of charge. 

TU Wien Bibliothek is partner in the related doctoral college "Trust Robots".

Venue: Library lecture room, 1040 Wien, Resselgasse 4, 5. floor
Language: English

> Lecture programme (PDF)

> More on the "Trust Robots" doctoral college


Group study rooms: booking required

From 01.10.2018, bookings for the main library's group study rooms can be placed at the circulation desk (ground floor). The library has launched this pilot project to ensure the fair use of our group study rooms.

How do I book a group study room?

  • TU Wien students can place a booking for a group study room at the circulation desk (ground floor).
  • The rooms can be booked for 3.5 hours.
  • You can book one room and one slot per day (the slots are: 08:00 - 11:30, 11:30 - 15:00, 15:00 - 18:30, 18:30 - 22:00).
  • The keys are issued at the circulation desk on the ground floor. Your student ID card is lodged at the circulation desk.
  • The key must be returned five minutes before the end of the slot, at the circulation desk.
  • Group study rooms can only be booked from Monday to Friday.

This new regulation has been introduced at the request of many of our students and we hope it will be well received by our patrons.



16.11.2018: Focus on Open Science Vienna Chapter 2018, TU Wien, TUtheSky

On 16.11.2018, Focus on Open Science, an international series of events, will be hosted by the TU Wien.

The Vienna chapter will focus on research data management, "FAIR data" and open access, and on the processes and infrastructures needed at the institutional and community level in order to support a transition to Open Science.

The organisers, the TU Wien Library and Scientific Knowledge Services, aim to provide a learning experience and a platform for future collaboration, bringing together researchers and support staff (library, research support, research funders).

The agenda will focus on the needs and questions, requirements and concerns of researchers, the state of play and the next steps in Open Science. Local and international speakers will provide overviews on European and local developments: new infrastructures, funders' policies, and examples of research data management in practice, e.g. at TU Delft. A poster exhibition and late afternoon networking reception will round off the event.

Date: 16.11.2018

Location: TU Wien, TUtheSky, 1060 Wien, Getreidemarkt 9, 11. floor

Program and registration:



Open access to knowledge: TU Wien signs Berlin Declaration

The Berlin Declaration

The "Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities" was published in October 2003 by 19 international research institutions and universities, and has been signed by more than 600 institutions.

This international statement promotes free access to, and relaxed copyright restrictions on the reuse of, scientific information ("open access"), and is one of the cornerstones of the open access movement.

> Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities

TU Wien signs Berlin Declaration

The TU Wien, represented by rector Sabine Seidler, signed the Berlin Declaration on April 26, 2018.

By joining the signatories, the TU Wien is demonstrating its support of the open access paradigm and the idea of widespread dissemination of, and free access to, scientific research results.

Services supporting TU Wien researchers

To support TU Wien researchers in publishing their scientific output according to the open access model, the TU Wien Library has been establishing services such as the publication fund over the last years.

For more information on these services, please refer to:


Summer school course on scientific writing

TU Wien PreDoc students can apply for a place on the 5-day "TU Austria Summer School Doc+" until June 10.

Topics will be techniques to make your scientific writing more effective, including how to write a journal article

TU Austria Summer School Doc+ is an English language course organised by TU Austria, an association of TU Wien, TU Graz and the Montanuniversität Leoben.

The costs of the course will be assumed by TU Wien.

Date and Place: 3 - 7  September 2018, Vienna
Deadline for applications: 10 June 2018

> Details on the Summer School  (Contact for TU Wien students: Mag. Dr. Helga Gartner)


Energy Online - Trial access until the end of 2018

Until the end of 2018, access to "Energy online" is available free of charge on the TU Wien campus.

"Energy Online" database is a one-stop-shop for research results and applications in the Energy area, with regard to science, architecture, economy and politics. The database offers easy access to De Gruyter content on the topic of energy.

> Energy Online


Knovel: Trial access until May 30, 2018

Knovel database is available free of charge on the TU Wien campus until May 30, 2018.

Knovel, an Elsevier product, enables trusted data from multiple sources and content types (books, handbooks, manuals, tables, graphs, and more) extended with analytical and calculation tools to facilitate the search of technical answers of all kind of engineering problems (Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering etc). Knovel helps engineers and researchers to find reliable technical information faster.

> Knovel


Lifts out of service for repairs

Currently, the elevators in the Main Library are undergoing extended overhauling to improve speed and level precision.

Unfortunately, safety regulations do not allow works on any single lift cabin while the other is running.

Therefore, both cabins will be simultaneously inaccessible from April, 9th until May, 4th approximately.

For customers of restricted mobility our goods elevator will be made available. Please refer to the staff of the loan department for assistance.


Total Materia: Trial access until June 9, 2018

 Total Materia is the world’s most comprehensive MATERIALS database. It allows information on properties for 450,000+ materials (350.000 metals, 100.000 others like polymers, composites, ceramics, wood etc.). It gives information on more than 150,000+ stress-strain curves, the chemical composition as well as the mechanical and physical properties and many other features concerning materials.

> Total Materia


Library opens at 8:00am

More time for your studies: From Monday, February 26, 2018, the main library's study and open access areas will be open for all users from 8:00am onwards.

During term time, the extended opening hours will allow you to access the library from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 22:00pm.

As customary, our staff at the circulation desk (loans and returns, ground floor) and from information services (1st floor) are available from 9:00am to 19:00pm.

By continuously aiming to extend its opening hours, the library is reacting to an important need of TU Wien’s students – to have access to reading and studying places as long as possible.

> Full information about our opening hours (weekends, public holidays, semester breaks, etc.)


Scientific.Net: Trial access until March 31, 2018

Until March 31. 2018, all content of Scientific.Net database is accessible free of charge on the TU Wien campus.

Scientific.Net Logo

Scientific.Net contains a wealth of publications on materials science and engineering.

During the trial access period, a variety of scientific journals are accessible, such as Advanced Materials Research, Journal of Nano Research, Nano Hybrids and Composites, Key Engineerig Materials, Solid State Phenomena, and Applied Mechanics and Materials.

> Scientific.Net


Happy Or Not?

As part of the Main Library building's 30th anniversary events, patrons of the University Library have the opportunity during the next weeks to give us feedback by answering one of five different questions, using a "Smiley Terminal" in the entrance area of the Main Library: 

HappyOrNot Terminal

Press one of the smileys to give your feedback. Let us know what you think!

The first question (to run until December 12, 2017) is:

How happy are you with the atmosphere in the library's study areas?

You can find a summary of the results on our facebook page.


Searching for Truth

Celebrating the library building’s 30th anniversary, the big owl statue on the library façade will act as a "transponder" between the knowledge collected within, and the surrounding urban space and its users:

From November 13 until December 12, 2017, 24 scientific pictures will be projected onto the owl from 5 pm - 11 pm daily. These 24 pictures illustrate various fields of research represented at the TU Wien and have been provided by the TU Wien faculties.

> Images and texts (German language; PDF)


Wiley Spectra Lab: Trial access 16.11. - 17.12.2017

During a Trial period from November 16 to Decemebr 17, 2017, Wiley Spectra Lab is available on the TU Campus free of charge.

Wiley Spectra Lab Logo

Wiley Spectra Lab is a unique analytical platform that helps chemists identify unknown compounds from spectroscopic data, supporting GC-MS, FT-IR, Raman, ATR-IR, UV-Vis, and C-NMR, H-NMR, and X-NMR spectroscopies. The system contains data sourced from Wiley, Wiley-VCH, Bio-Rad Sadtler, and others, comprising the largest collection  in the world (over 2 million spectra) and is powered by KnowItAll AnyWare® software from Bio-Rad Laboratories.


IET.TV and IET Digital Library: trial access 31.10. - 31.12.2017

During a trial period from October 31 to December 31, 2017, IET.TV and IET Digital Library by the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) are available free of charge on the TU Wien campus.


Video is an invaluable research tool but with thousands of great videos on you might not know where to start to find the content that’s relevant to you. offers access to more than 7000 videos by or about leading engineers, scientists, projects and processes from industry and science. The videos are assigned to different "channels" such as control, communications, IT, electronics and transport and reference E-books and journals articles.


IET Digital Library 

With over 400 practitioner and academically focused titles, IET eBooks are available to search by chapter or full text, offering high quality professional and technical content across an extensive range of specialist subject areas including radar, power and energy, control engineering and electromagnetic waves.




Pidgeon Digital: Trial access 31.10. - 30.11.2017

Pidgeon Digital is available free of charge on the TU campus from October 31 to November 30, 2017.

Pidgeon Digital is an online Audiovisual collection of illustrated talks by architects and related designers, which has been built up over more than 35 years. It is a continuing archive, to which new talks are added regularly.

Started in 1979 by Monica Pidgeon, the purpose of the series, which originally consisted of 200 illustrated talks, is to widen the horizons of students of architecture and design by giving them the opportunity to share the thinking of leading members of the profession worldwide to whom they would not normally have access.

This includes speakers such as:

Architects: Will Alsop, Edward Cullinan, Terry Farrell, Norman Foster, Jan Gehl, Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Steven Holl, Kisho Kurokawa, Daniel Liebeskind, Oscar Niemeyer, Jean Nouvel, Charles Renfro, Richard Rogers, Harry Seidler, Bernard Tschumi, Michael Webb

Engineers: Anthony Hunt, Ted Happold, Frei Otto, Cedric Price, Peter Rice

Landscape Architects: Michael Ellison, Kathryn Gustafson, Lawrence Halprin, Peter Jakobsen, Ian McHarg.

Designers: Ron Arad, Ettore Sottsass, Alan Fletcher, FHK Henrion.

Pidgeon Digital also includes speakers who have died since being recorded, but who continue to have a lasting influence, for example:

Architects: R Buckminster Fuller, Serge Chermayeff, Maxwell Fry, Philip Johnson, Denys Lasdun, Cedric Price, A & P Smithson, James Stirling and Zaha Hadid

Engineers: Felix Candela, Ted Happold, Frank Newby, Konrad Wachsmann;

Landscape Architects: Roberto Burle Marx, Geoffrey Jellicoe, Peter Shepheard.

>  Pidgeon Digital


SAE Mobilus: Trial access 31.10. - 30.11.2017

From October 31 to November 30, 2017, the Library has arranged trial access to the SAE Mobilus.

SAE Mobilius covers more than 207.000 Mobility Engineering Ressources including full texts of SAE Technical Papers written and peer-reviewed by experts in the automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicle industries.

This test gives full-test-access to Technical Papers starting 1998.

>  SAE Mobilius


The green road to Open Access

Did you know that a lot of journals allow you to re-publish your article in an institutional repository as part of the "secondary publications rights"? Check out the SHERPA/RoMEO statistics and look at your author’s agreement in order to find out if you are allowed to upload your article to a repository. 

What does "secondary publication rights" mean and who can profit?

This allows you to make your article which previously was published in a subscription based journal open access via a repository. There may be restrictions in terms of embargo periods or the version of the article that can be used. You can find the needed information on the publisher’s website, journal website, your author’s agreement or the platform SHERPA/RoMEO. 

Do you have a published article which you would like to make open access using this so called “green road”? Our institutional repository reposiTUm is the perfect place for that. You can upload the allowed article version right after publication, reposiTUm can process embargo periods.


An information as part of the 

Open Access Week Oct 23 - 29, 2017


ORCID: Open Researcher and Contributer Identifier

 Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) identifies you as a unique part of the research community and helps you in maintaining your publication list. 

ORCID can be used as a central place to keep your bibliographic records up-to-date. As a researcher getting and using an ORCID is free of costs. 

Watch this short video to learn more about the functionalities of ORCID: 

To register you only need to enter your name and e-mail address. You decide how much information you want to include about yourself and how open you want to be about it (public information – only for registered users visible – only you can see it). You can import your earlier records from platforms like Scopus, Google Scholar or ResearcherID.

 Since January 1, 2016, the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) mandates ORCID for all new applications. A lot of publishers already offer the opportunity to link to your ORCID when submitting a paper.

Take action and register for your ORCID iD in a matter of seconds: 

An information as part of the 

Open Access Week Oct 23 - 29, 2017


How to get an article record into OpenAire? reposiTUm!


OpenAIRE („Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe“) aims to support the open access policies implemented for projects funded by the European Research Council and the European Commission. It acts as an aggregator by collecting metadata from repositories, publishing companies and other research information systems. By providing the data, reposiTUm helps you to comply with your funder’s requirements. 

Various country-specific details about research are gathered by OpenAIRE as well. You can look up the information about Austria here

ReposiTUm is OpenAIRE-compliant. If you upload documents to the institutional repository your bibliographic record will be sent to OpenAIRE in a matter of days. Supplying OpenAire with bibliographic information helps rising the visibility of this research output.


An information as part of the 

Open Access Week Oct 23 - 29, 2017


The institutional repository: reposiTUm

Since mid-2015 the university library has been offering an institutional repository, called reposiTUm, to archive open access publications. Already more then 10.000 documents have been made freely available worldwide. 

ReposiTUm offers access to

  • TU Wien theses
  • Open Access Journals of TU Wien
    • The Public Sector
    • Journal for Facility Management
    • Geowissenschaftliche Mitteilungen
    • Recent notes on labor science and organization
  • Articles in serial works
    • Published gold open access  (immediately freely accessible)
    • Published green open access (by means of secondary publication rights)

The publications were uploaded by the authors as well as the university library staff. Try it yourself at

 An information as part of the 

Open Access Week Oct 23 - 29, 2017


Happy Or Not?

As part of the Main Library building's 30th anniversary events, patrons of the University Library have the opportunity during the next weeks to give us feedback by answering one of five different questions, using a "Smiley Terminal" in the entrance area of the Main Library: 

HappyOrNot Terminal

Press one of the smileys to give your feedback. Let us know what you think!

The first question (to run until November 19, 2017) is:

How satisfied were you with our answer to your question?

You can find a summary of the results on our facebook page.


Happy Or Not?

As part of the Main Library building's 30th anniversary events, patrons of the University Library have the opportunity during the next weeks to give us feedback by answering one of five different questions, using a "Smiley Terminal" in the entrance area of the Main Library: 

HappyOrNot Terminal

Press one of the smileys to give your feedback. Let us know what you think!

The first question (to run until October 22, 2017) is:

How did you like today's "Österreich liest" event?

> "Österreich liest" program

You can find a summary of the results on our facebook page.


De Gruyter: Rights, Action and Social Responsibility - Trial access

De Gruyter's "Rights, Action and Soical Responsibility" collection is available free of charge on the TU Wien campus during a trial period until the end of December 2017.

Rights, Action and Social Responsibility Collection

Topical areas are constitutional history, dissent, truht and ethics, environmental studies, gender studies, geo-politics, human rights, immigration & urbanism, islamic studies and leadership.

> Go to the collection on De Gruyter platform


Happy Or Not?

As part of the Main Library building's 30th anniversary events, patrons of the University Library have the opportunity during the next weeks to give us feedback by answering one of five different questions, using a "Smiley Terminal" in the entrance area of the Main Library: 

HappyOrNot Terminal

Press one of the smileys to give your feedback. Let us know what you think!

The first question (to run until October 15, 2017) is:

How considerately do other library patrons behave?

You can find a summary of the results on our facebook page.


Happy Or Not?

As part of the Main Library building's 30th anniversary events, patrons of the University Library have the opportunity during the next weeks to give us feedback by answering one of five different questions, using a "Smiley Terminal" in the entrance area of the Main Library: 

HappyOrNot Terminal

Press one of the smileys to give your feedback. Let us know what you think!

The first question (to run until October 01, 2017) is:

How easily did you get the books or journals you needed?

You can find a summary of the results on our facebook page.


Birkhauser "Basics Online": New architecture ebooks

The complete Birkhauser "Basics" textbook series, at present comprising 32 titles, are now available online on the TU campus.

About Birkhauser "Basics Online": "Basics Online" are German-language textbooks covering the most important areas of architectural studies, such as design, architectural rendering, construction, building services,  professional practice, landscape architecture and urban design.

50 additional titles and 2 new subject areas (building materials, building history) are to follow.

> Birkhäuser Basics Online titles via the library catalogue



Sunday opening hours

To meet repeated requests for longer opening hours, the library main building is open on Sundays from 10.00 to 17.00 on a trial basis starting November 6, initially until the end of February.

The trial period has now been extended to the end of the summer semester 2017.

Exceptions to Sunday opening are Easter Sunday and Whit Sunday. On these days, the library is closed.

We thank all patrons who have given feedback on Sunday opening hours via or our Facebook page.



El Croquis: online version available

The Library has licenced the online version of the prestigious Spanish architecture Journal "El Croquis", starting with Issue 104 (2001) of the bimonthly journal.

Access is available on the TU campus for 5 simultaneous users.

> El Croquis


New agreements to support open access publishing

From 2017, the University Library has greatly expanded its support for open access publishing at TU Wien, negotiating deals with a number of prestigious publishing houses that now offer open access options to TU Wien affiliated corresponding authors. The article processing charges for open access papers published in these publishers' journals will be covered by the University Library.

The University Library has concluded open access agreements with the following publishers:

  • BioMed Central
  • Electrochemical Society (ECS Plus) *New in 2017*
  • Emerald *New from 2017-2019*
  • IEEE Open
  • Institute of Physics (IOP) *New from 2017-2019*
  • Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) *New from 2017-2018*
  • SCOAP3 *Extended until 2019*
  • Springer Compact
  • Springer Open
  • Taylor & Francis *New from 2017-2019* 

More information on the workflow and requirements can be found on our website



"Journal for Facility Management": a new Open Access launch at TU Wien

The university library is pleased to announce that we now host a new open access journal at reposiTUm, the "Journal for Facility Management" (IFM journal).

About the journal: Since 2008, the Institute for Real Estate and Facility Management has been publishing biannual issues of the "Journal for Facility Management". Starting in November 2016, the journal, including its archive, is now freely available online. 

The internationally oriented IFM journal focusses on the connection between theory and practice of facility managment. The most outstanding papers are presented at the annual International Facility Management Congress. 

University Library publication service: Since 2015, the university library of the TU Wien provides a platform hosting open access journals, reposiTUm. Other journals that have taken up this service are "The Public Sector",  "Geowissenschaftliche Mitteilungen" and "Recent notes on labor science and organization". 

Copyright: The articles of "IFM journal" are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 2.0, which means that you can use, reproduce or display the publication as long as you credit the author and do not use the material for commercial purposes.

> Visit the website of the "Journal for Facility Management".


MethodsNow and PatentPak: trial access until 7.10.2016

The University Library has arranged a trial access to two new SciFinder modules, MethodsNowTM and PatentPakTM, for all TU staff and students until October 7, 2016.

Please send your feedback until October 10, 2016 to chemistry databases contact person Prof. Michael Schnürch.

If you do not have a SciFinder account, please fill in this form. Please note that this registration form will only accept e-mail addresses from domain (including all subdomains). Once you have completed your registration, you can log in to SciFinder Web database.

Information on MethodsNow and PatentPak from CAS:

MethodsNow Logo

MethodsNowTM is your single source to search and compare the latest published scientific methods. If you need to analyze any matrix for your compounds of interest or if you are developing new synthetic routes – MethodsNowTM will be of help. 

To login in to MethodsNowTM Analysis, please go to  Use your SciFinder login ID and password to get access. Synthetic methods can be found in SciFinder. These methods are associated with reactions answer sets. 

Training videos explaining MethodsNowTM features are available at:

PatentPak Logo

PatentPakTM is a robust new patent workflow solution that gives all users instant access to hard-to-find-chemistry in full-text patents directly in SciFinder. 

Researchers with a SciFinder username (login ID) and password can immediately begin experiencing the time-saving benefits of PatentPak in SciFinder. 

Remember only PatentPakTM offers all of the following:

  • Instant access to searchable full-text patents from major patent offices around the world
  • Patent family coverage in multiple languages
  • Substance location mapping
  • Secure and confidential patent research
  • Daily updates
  • A training video explaining PatentPakTM features can be viewed at


CatalogPlus Login via Single Sign-On from 31.08.2016

From 31.08.2016, CatalogPlus login is via Single Sign-On, using your TU account.

TU students and members of staff will already be familiar with this authentification portal and will no longer need to remember a library password.

Patrons who are not TU students or TU staff will use their old library account. Please note that in the TU login form, Non-TU library patrons need to klick link below the TU login form, starting "Externe Bibliotheksbenutzer" Picture of login mask showing link for non-TU patrons

> Information on your TU password 

> Information on logging in to your library account

At the same time, the old Aleph online catalogue has been taken out of service.

If you were still using the old Aleph catalogue:

Please note that all functions of your library account are available on CatalogPlus, such as renewing loans, placing requests or viewing your loan history.

If you have never used CatalogPlus, we recommend signing up for one of our free training workshops:
> Workshops on using the library and the library catalogue

Our staff at the information desk (on the first floor of the main library) will also be glad to answer any questions you may have concerning CatalogPlus . 


Main Library: New study desks and study lounge

The reading room on the 5th floor of the Main Library now offers new study desks, comfortable armchairs and a study lounge for the use of our patrons.

At present there is no reservation system for the new study lounge.

Leselounge im 5. Stock
 Study lounge on the 5th floor

New study desks and armchairs

Armchairs next to the reading room entrance


New Library Director

We welcome our new director of library services, Mag. Beate Guba MSc., who took up her post on 01 July 2016.

Beate Guba brings with her extensive experience, the last 8 years of it at TU Berlin directing the Economy and Management Library, and is looking forward to new challenges at TU Wien. Her special expertise is in strategic management, quality and process management, human resources management, organisational development, as well as electronic resources management and the teaching of information literacy.  

News item on the new library director on TU homepage


New database: Building Types online

The library has licensed the database "Building Types online", an English-language online resource for the study and practice of architectural design. 

This database includes a large international collection of contemporary buildings, e. g. housing, office buildings, museums, schools, libraries, and industrial complexes, with a large number of high-resolution plans, drawings and photographs .

Go to:

You can search by: Full text; architect; author; country; building type; building form; urban context; height, and many more. Alternatively you can browse by an elaborate structure of categories including Urban Context, Access System, Building Form, Spatial Configuration, several type-specific categories, and many more.

English-language User Guide (PDF)


The Mathematics and Physics Library has moved

The books collection of the Mathematics and Physics Library has moved to the Main Libary (5th floor).

These books are shelved according to the MSC classification numbers.

The Mathematics collection of the main library has also been moved from the 3rd floor to the 5th floor, and in the long run both collections will be consolidated into one collection, shelved according to the TU classification.

Opening hours are those of the Main Library. Please return books borrowed from the Mathematics Library at the Main Library circulation desk.

In addition to the books, the 5th floor of the Main Library also offers study desks, four new group study rooms and a meeting zone with whiteboards (to be completed in the next months).



Chemistry Library has moved

The Chemistry Library is now the Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering Library (CheMaB). It has moved from the Main Library Building to the Plus Energy Building, Getreidemarkt 9, BA 1.Floor.

Opening hours are  Monday - Friday 9:00 - 19:30 (staffed opening hours: 9:00 - 16:00).

The Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering Library has two reading rooms with a total of 130 study desks, and a textbook collection on the second floor.

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