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Projekt Austrian Transition to Open Access (AT2OA)

TU Wien Bibliothek is a partner in the project "Austrian Transition to Open Access" (AT2OA) to support the transformation of scientific publications from Closed to Open Access.

The AT2OA project partners are examining questions concerning the promotion and financing of "open access" - a free access to scientific publications.

For example, subproject 1 resulted in a study, the transition study, assessing the additional funds needed for an expansion of Open Access at Austrian universities. This study lays the foundations for planning funding of open access to scientific knowledge in Austria. New project results are continuously being published on Zenodo.

TU Wien Bibliothek supports open access publishing at TU Wien, e.g. with the TU Wien publication fund and open access publishing options agreed by TU Wien Bibliothek with publishers. For more information, refer to:

Online seit: 12.06.2019

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