Remote access to digital resources from outside the TU campus

Who has access to e-resources from outside TU Wien?

All TU Wien students and staff have access to licensed electronic resources from outside the TU Campus.

All you need is your TU network account.

By accessing licensed material, users agree to the following terms of use:
> Terms of use

How do I access e-resources when I'm offsite?

You use the TU VPN (virtual private network) service to have a TU IP address assigned to your computer.

How does that work?

How to use TU VPN services is explained in detail on the web pages:

VPN remote access in general

Should I use the AnyConnect VPN Client or Web VPN?

Almost all library resources work fine with Web VPN. Web VPN has the advantage that you do not need to install a client, all you need is a browser and your TU account.

When do I need to use the AnyConnect VPN client?

There are a few databases and e-books that only work with a VPN client, such as:

! Please note that you should not use both a VPN client and Web-VPN simultaneously, as many e-resources cannot be opened if both VPN modes are in operation at the same time.

Help and support

I do not qualify for remote access to TU e-resources but I need access. What can I do?

You can access all licenced e-resources in the Library during opening hours.